How To Increase Your Phone Storage With 5 Hacks

Your phone storage is very low and it prevents you from performing certain actions in your phone such as downloading movies, games, files and lots more.

The only way to bypass insufficient memory is by clearing your phone storage in which we will be listing five hacks for you to do so successfully in this article.

Internal storage is often considered as the total storage available on the device, this is the space that is available for you to save your files, apps, songs, videos.

The larger your phone internal storage the more capacity it has to store more information, internal storage also stores data such as text messages, accounts setting, contacts you created and lots more.

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So here are the 5 hacks to increase your phone storage.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Some apps really use a lot of storage on your phone and you don’t use them frequently, this might sound a bit dumb but it can really boost your storage by deleting those apps that use do not use on your phone.

Disable Bloatware

Every smartphone comes with Bloatware, Bloatware are apps that comes pre-installed on your phone by the smartphone manufacturer. just go to your phone settings and find the apps section then delete the bloatware that you don’t need.

Delete Whatsapp Media Files

If you send files to people on whatsapp, a duplicate file is created on your phone which stores those files and consumes a lot of storage on your phone. go to your phone files and search for the whatsApp folder containing those unwanted files and delete it.

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Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage also known as memory cards can be used to achieve this purpose but some are quite expensive, but you can use an online cloud storage by downloading deego app on playstore which gives you 100 gb of storage for free.

Delete App Cache Files

Your phone’s cache comprises stores of small bits of information that your apps and web browser use to speed up performance. Instead of deleting apps cache individually just download 1tap cleaner on playstore and it will delete all cache files on your phone.

Hope you found this tips helpful and used in to free a lot of storage on your phone, don’t forget to join our telegram channel for more updates and also feel free to ask us questions in the comments section.

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