How To Join Nigerian Navy With SSCE

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian Navy with your SSCE certificate and you do need adequate information on this? Then you are in the right place.

Alot of people ask this question when opportune to do so, with the majority mostly youths seeking how to join Nigerian Navy with SSCE.

Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian armed forces. It is among the largest Navies on the African continent, consisting of several personnel.

Formed in 1914 after the amalgamation of the then Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria, the Nigerian Marine as it became known after 1914

This force is one of the most respected in Nigeria, if not possibly the most respected in the country. And this can be justified for alot of reasons.

One is the juicy salary when compared to other forces in Nigeria. Which applies to those who are graduates and non-graduates.

You also get to travel a lot, coupled with the free healthcare. Not to forget the Nigeria Navy places value in their staff and cares for their wellbeing.

But you stand to enjoy more benefits if you are joining as a graduate, due to them seeing you as someone who gained expertise in a field.

Many people prefer to take this route due to it offering a wider opportunity. Its highly recommended if you have the certificates and would like to join the Navy.

So grab your seat and popcorn and read this blog post. Because this article will be covering essential points regarding this topic.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can join the Nigeria Navy with SSCE.

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How Much Is Navy Form 2023

You can’t just join the Nigerian Navy without doing what is necessary. You will have to follow the due process if you are interested.

By filling in your necessary information in a form and submitting you can spearhead your dreams of becoming part of the Nigerian Navy.

If you are filling in the form online on the Nigeria Navy website then it’s free. But if you are doing that in a cyber cafe it will cost you about N1500.

Is Nigeria Navy Form Out 2023

This has been a major concern for those interested in joining the Navy, they would like to know when the form is out so they can proceed with their registration.

The form is released every year when the Nigerian Navy is recruiting new applicants. And has a deadline for submission.

For 2023 to inform all interested applicants that the Nigerian Navy form has been officially released on the portal you are to submit your application online.

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Nigerian Navy Courses

Just like being in a higher institution such as a university, polytechnic, or college, you will be required to study a course of your choice if you want to be part of the Navy.

These courses further enhance your knowledge of the Nigerian Navy and guide you on a successful career as a sailor.

We decided to compile the below list of the Nigerian Navy courses to meet up with user search queries and help them in making a choice.

  1. Naval Warfare Course
  2. Flag Officers Fellowship
  3. Higher Defense Management Orientation Course
  4. Command Level Officers Course
  5. Ethics And Naval Leadership Course
  6. Maritime Security Seminar

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Nigerian Navy Department List

Most people would like to know about the Nigerian Navy Department list. Maybe to gain more enlightenment on this or have other purposes for enquiring.

The Navy department list is the organization of Nigerian Navy ships, and it currently consists of four major departments.

Namely, these Departments are marine engineering, weapon engineering, and logistics. We will be explaining them to you below.


The activities of the department include maintaining a presence at sea, anti-smuggling, anti-sea robbery/piracy, anti-fishery patrol, and anti–illegal bunkering.

Marine Engineering

The activities of the department include designing, building, and maintaining the engines, systems, and equipment used in ships, yachts, and the rest.

Weapon Engineering

The activities of the command include becoming an expert in the Navy’s weapon, communication, sensor, and combat management systems.


The activities of the command include planning, acquisition, maintenance, engineering support, training, transportation, and facilities operations, among others.

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Requirements To Join The Navy In Nigeria

  1. You must be single and of Nigerian origin by birth.
  2. You must have a valid certificate of birth or declaration of age if any.
  3. You must have a valid certificate of origin.
  4. You must be between the ages of 18 to 28 years.
  5. You must not have been convicted by any court of law in the past.
  6. You must pass physical, mental, and psychological training, to ascertain if you are fit enough to be considered.
  7. You must be recommended by at least two recognized referees who will attest to the applicant’s character and integrity.
  8. You must not have any visible tattoos or inscriptions.
  9. You must produce the originals of all of your educational credentials.
  10. You must not belong to a secret society.

Procedures To Join Nigerian Navy With SSCE

  • Tap here to head over to the home page of the Nigeria Navy online recruitment portal.
  • Click on the Start Application button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Provide your details in the application form.
  • Now tap on the submitting button when done.
  • Now select the print button to print out the form.
  • After completion of the online stage, you will have to participate in the screening exercise.
  • You will be informed of the date, venue, and time via the email or phone number you used when registering.
  • The list of shortlisted candidates will be released by the Nigerian Navy after some weeks.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to join the Nigeria Navy with SSCE.

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